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Custom Policy

Thank you for your interest in our custom commissioned projects! We love making beautiful designs tailored to our customers. Customization may range anywhere from color to a brand new design. A few notes to get started:

  1. Custom projects have a customization charge. We do charge a fee for our custom projects to cover design and material cost for your project in addition to the standard cost for your item. Custom charges vary based on size, type, and complexity of your project. 
  2. We do not recreate other artists' work. While you are welcome to submit photos representing the kind of work you are interested in, please keep in mind that we take intellectual property rights very seriously. You may request a design based off of another artist's work, but we will not replicate work exactly. 
  3. You may see your design in our shop in the future. We reserve all rights to our works, creations, and designs. by requesting a custom design or color, you are purchasing the item itself. If we love your request, we may add it to our shop without any approval, notification, or compensation to you. Prices in shop may vary from what you are charged based on streamlining production and material acquisition cost. 
  4. Custom projects have a 4-6 week processing time. The standard processing time for our custom projects is 4-6 weeks. Project time varies based on the type of customization and how busy the shop is with other orders. Please keep this processing time in mind when ordering time sensitive items such as gifts and holiday deliveries. If you would like to guarantee delivery faster than our standard processing, you may reach out to us about Rush Processing for your custom project.